questions people ask


Why should I hire a personal life coach?

COACHING IS ABOUT RESULTS. Think about a professional athlete. They turn to coaches to push them to achieve their maximum potential. Hiring a life coach is no different for someone looking to achieve full potential in their life. 

Coaching is useful in all stages of life, whether you are unsure about college, you are facing a career change, or your life has derailed caused by a life changing incident.

  • You are feeling discontentment.
  • You are stuck and can’t seem to move forward in one or more areas of your life.
  • You realize you need someone or something beyond you own capabilities.
  • You know there is more to life; but that seems impossible to tackle.

Can I coach myself?

Can you hold yourself accountable? Do you have tools and information to lead and guide you through the things you are struggling with? Have you found yourself with piles of information, shelves full of advice and self-help books; all unread? Do you see a pattern here? If you do, you know how difficult it can be on your own. A life coach is kind of like a fishing guide who knows the best equipment, bait and fishing hole that will offer results.

Simply put. a coach will offer you:

  • A sounding board.
  • A second opinion.
  • A different perspective.
  • Motivation.
  • Accountability

Coaches are trained to listen for your passions and desires, ask powerful questions, and offer motivation and encouragement throughout your journey.

Is there a difference between coaching and counseling/therapy?

  • Therapy generally deals with emotional and/or behavioral problems, and disruptive situations. Therapy seeks to bring the client to normal function by focusing on dysfunction.
  • Counseling is similar to therapy. Counseling mostly deals with problems from the past that seem to be causing problems in the present. The focus is to help the client see how the past and the present are connected and work through this relationship.
  • Coaching deals with a client who desires to move forward in their life. A coach helps the client create a purposeful, focused life by merging the present with the future. Coaching focuses on the future. 

Does coaching take a lot of time?

Coaching sessions typically occur once a week for 30 to 45 minutes. The client determines how many times a month and how long to keep going. It is recommended for change to occur, to be open to at least a 3-month commitment. Coaching can happen over phone or web conference call, video conference or in person. Phone conference often works best because it is the most convenient - no drive time - requiring the least amount of time commitment

If you have read to this point; you are very interested. Now all you need is to contact us for a complimentary session.