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As I remember, it all began with my first Barbie and Midge dolls. Not knowing at the time when I would arrange their closet by color and pieces of clothing, and then face them all in the same direction I was actually editing and organizing. It so happened, growing up I shared a bedroom with two sisters, whom I must mention were clutter bugs. As history has it I was the one who perpetually cleaned and organized our shared living space. “Everything has a place, and everything goes in its place”!  I loved seeing the closets and cupboards in our home clean and organized. Over the years I lived at home you could find me performing the job of a professional organizer. I would remove all the belongings from our linen closets, cupboards and pantries; even the garage just to clean and reorganize. For me, it meant there was order in my life.

Fast forward to today, I am in business doing what I love and comes naturally. No, not keeping Barbie and Midge dolls in the most current fashions with the best organized closet in the neighborhood. Though if I still had my girls, I would be tempted. Now I am helping others bring order to their lives by getting their homes, offices and small businesses decluttered and organized. In some cases, I keep them organized with scheduled annual or semi-annual sessions.

It is noted that Confucius once said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life". After many years of working in a lot of different industries, I finally landed in a profession I can totally immerse myself into and feel completely rewarded.

I am a long-time Alaska resident with a love for the state and the lifestyle it offers. I am business graduate from University Alaska Anchorage in marketing and management with an international option. I have over 30 years’ experience with brand and market development in food service and Alaska seafood industries. Though it seems a far reach from seafood to professional organizing, it is natural to be doing something I have a passion for. Since 2009, The Closet Divas aka, Life Organized has provided me opportunity to helping people with my organizing skills.

It is an honor to be invited into personal life situations. I am rewarded every time I bring order and simplicity to my clients lives.


professional home organizing

"I find it helps to organize chores into categories: Things I won't do now; Things I will do later; Things I will never do."    ~Cartoon Personality Maxine.

Life Organized offers professional organizing home and small business services throughout Alaska. Our project-based service is a simple process. During an initial, FREE ASSESSMENT we evaluate your current situation. For us to help, it is important we understand:

  • What your life situation is?
  • What your organizational challenges are?
  • How did your home or business get into its current situation?
  • What is the goal for your home, family or business?
  • From this, a personal and customized plan is created that will involve HANDS-ON work to declutter, remove clutter and organize your home or business. 

Our goal will be for you to:

  • Develop good habits by setting up sustainable organizing systems.
  • Find what you need when you need it! 
  • Save you money from replacing items you can not find!
  • Reduce stress in your life!
  • Improve your quality of life!


Home organizing services are especially useful if you are getting your home ready for sale or moving into your dream home. Or, maybe you need to downsize or are taking care of a loved one's estate. Your family may be growing and all things babies and kids have exploded. If a life-changing situation is cause for your home or office to get out of control, WE CAN HELP!

As a professional organizer, I am sensitive to the many reasons a home or office can spiral out of control, whether it is a death in the family, job loss, tragic life event or just everyday life. You can choose to have us do all the work or EXPERIENCE, LIFE ORGANIZED by rolling your sleeves up, digging in and learning organizational tips and skills along the way.


Home & Family

  • downsizing ~ when your plans are to move and you have too much stuff
  • relocating ~ new to Alaska and need your home set up
  • young families ~ overwhelmed with all things kids and their stuff
  • merging families ~ into one home
  • collectors ~ of many things
  • empty nesters ~ your flock has flown
  • life has changed ~ from the loss of a family member, friend, job or illness
  • simplify life ~ because you want or need to
  • wardrobe editing ~ when your personal style needs a new reflection
  • world travelers ~ when you need to refresh, visit family or meet for busine

Custom Organizing

  • whole house DE-cluttering, downsizing, clutter removal and reorganizing
  • kitchens and pantries, bathrooms and bedrooms
  • home offices, paper, files and photo management
  • craft rooms, play rooms and media rooms
  • home school rooms
  • closets of all sizes
  • exercise, sports and gear rooms
  • garages, sheds and commercial storage units
  • crawl spaces and attics
  • organize and pack for your next trip
  • estate and garage sales

Professional Rates

Minimum 6 hour work days.

All work billed hourly.

Evenings and weekends can be arranged.

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