personal life coaching

What is life coaching?


Life coaching is a collaborative partnership. This is not a legal or business partnership. It is one with a Client who desires to make powerful changes in their life, and a Coach who facilitates the Client’s changes through self-awareness and personal growth. YOU have opportunity to uncover unique strengths, values and capabilities and discover YOUR BEST SELF.

As a coach, I bring my education, training, experience and support. As a client, you bring your life experience, creative mind and willingness to be your best self. During each coaching session the focus will be on:

· Strengths to overcome life challenges

· Developing better self-knowledge

· Uncover life strategies that work best for YOU!

The Coach merely facilitates personal growth and self-awareness in an unconditional, non-judgmental environment. This occurs during scheduled sessions, with a well-structured conversation, designed to explore and uncover your own talents, discovering skills that will help you move forward to live a more fulfilled life.

This personal, life coaching/client relationship is not a one-time conversation or meeting. It can last many years or just a few months. Coaching works best with a commitment that is based on experiencing results, not based on a timeline. 

SPOILER ALERT: Coaching in not about passively sitting around. To get the most benefit, you need to be committed, willing and able to actively participate in change by doing the work. 

Putting in the work can result in no less than better decision making, problem solving, improved organization skills and most important, improving self-confidence and self-esteem. Actively participating and doing the work will help you live a more balance life and BE, YOUR BEST SELF.

How does this work?

Regular coaching sessions are scheduled. These can be over the phone or in person. You can live anywhere in the world and we can still work together. During each session, a purposeful conversation will focus on where you are now and what you are willing to do to DISCOVER YOUR BEST SELF. As the coach, I will ask provocative questions and offer tools to help you achieve and manage your life goals.

As the client, you will choose the topic and an outcome or goal for each coaching session. As your coach, I will hold you accountable, but results will be measured against your choices, intentions and actions.


Benefits of life coaching.


Benefits can be huge if you involve yourself in the coaching relationship. This is especially so if you are challenged with ADD or ADHD.

You will:

· Have an advocate to support you during your life changing work.

· Gain a fresh and eye-opening perspective on your personal challenges.

· Improve your time management skills to manage day to day stressful situations.

· Improve your interpersonal relationships.

· Gain confidence to act on your fears and overcome those pesky obstacles.

· Overall, you will achieve personal satisfaction in life and work experience.

You don’t have to be a person with ADD or ADHD to benefit from a personal, life coach relationship. Anyone challenged with life changing events can use support. Maybe you are a student overwhelmed with decisions about advanced education. You can’t decide whether to take a gap year, go to a vocational school or a more formal college. A coach can help you navigate your choices that will be right for you. A coach can also be with you as you work your way through college, and more.

You could just be overwhelmed in your current life situation, and decisions are difficult to make. A coach can help you focus on what is important in your life so you can work through your challenges and make good decisions.

A personal life coach. can make a difference..

Will partner with you.

A life coach will work with you as you purposefully pursue excellence in areas you are struggling with.

Offers objectivity.

With objective observation and a keen ear, a coach will help identify your strengths and challenges.

Delivers powerful, provocative questioning.

Through conversation and questioning, a coach brings clarity to what you are seeking and helps you discover answers to your challenges.

Creates new paradigms.

A coach will help you look at yourself differently, changing the way you think about life and its challenges. Opening new avenues and approaches to those challenges.

Prepares you.

A coach will equip you with life skills required to achieve your desired goals.

Requires accountability

Sometimes painful but necessary, accountability to a coach transforms goals on paper into reality.

Motivates you.

Positive motivation will enable you to take the next step towards reaching your goas and become YOUR BEST SELF!